First OnePlus 2 shipment for US & Canada delayed oneplus 2 hands on photos Oneplus 2 hands on photo

Tomorrow, i.e., August 11th is when buyers across the world, in official OnePlus markets of course, will be able place orders for their OnePlus 2’s. However, it turns out that some might have to wait longer than others.

Addressing ‘production schedules’, OnePlus state in a forum post that the phone will reach the US and Canada two to three weeks behind schedule. If you’ve been following OnePlus, you’ll remember the OnePlus One faced similar issues around the same time last year.

Here’s what OnePlus has to say:

The production of the OnePlus 2 is in full swing and we’re excited to get the OnePlus 2 in your hands. However we do want to tell our users in North America that due to production schedules, shipping to the States and Canada will commence 2-3 weeks after shipments to Europe.

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And then some consolation:

But don’t worry, this won’t affect our selling date. You can still use your invite codes to purchase the OnePlus 2 at starting August 11.

The good news is that European buyers will get their OnePlus 2 units right on time. If you don’t wish to wait for long, and don’t have too much luck getting an invite, you can buy a OnePlus 2 from other sources right now, invite free.

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  1. realjjj
    August 10, 2015

    At least they’ll have more time to cancel lol. It’s not going to be as fast and cool as some might expect.
    A57 on 20nm should be clocked even lower than 1.8GHz but that’s not what caused my comment. If you search for A2001 on Geekbench , you’ll notice a rather large variation in results and that’s specific to overheating problems , you can notice the same large variations with other devices known to overheat (MI 4I, all SD810 devices), if you search for something known to not have problems, you see results that are grouped much closer together.Even the SD808 is a lot more stable.

  2. AdM
    August 10, 2015

    That’s OnePlus living up to the hype…