Update: 7 Stores you can buy the OnePlus 2 without an invite

With well over two million people waiting to receive a OnePlus 2 invite through the official international channels many of you will be looking at Chinese resellers to get your 2016 flagship killer. Here are stores that we can recommend you buy the OnePlus 2 without an invite.

Why these stores?

  • You must be asking why we have posted links to these stores and not others? Well the simple reason is that they have agreed to send us a OnePlus 2 review phone and have given us the DHL tracking numbers for the phone. To us this classes as pretty good proof that they managed to get stock this past Monday and that phones are on the way.

So should I order my OnePlus 2 right now?

  • To be on the safe side I would say wait until next week when the orders arrive so we can be sure that we were sent the OnePlus 2 as promised. Of course shop.gizchina.com can be trusted and the store is offering a free tempered glass protector with OP2 orders.

Will this version of the OnePlus 2 work with my network provider?

  • Remember that these versions of the OnePlus 2 are the Chinese version of the phone and will only have 3 x FDD-LTE bands, where as the true international model boasts 6. You, should check that the Chinese version of the OP2 works with your mobile network provider before ordering.

Are there other stores I can trust?

  • Yes, and as soon as we find them we will add them to this list. Keep posted.

7 Stores you can buy the OnePlus 2 without an invite

We’re sure that there will be more stores offering the OP2 and once we are 100% sure that they have stock and can be trusted we will consider adding them to this or another list.

GizChina Shop

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.42.45 am

Of course we are going to mention our own affiliated store and why not. We are working with this team because we trust them and we trust them to ship OnePlus 2 phones as soon as they are made available.

The GizChina shop warehouse in China has stock of the OnePlus 2 available to buy right now, and ordering now will mean you also get a free tempered glass screen protector. Stock will also be available from the EU warehouse as soon as possible. Stocks are limited, so act fast.

Buy the OnePlus 2 from shop.gizchina.com


giztop oneplus 2

Giztop have stock of the 64GB OnePlus 2 in stock at their Chinese warehouse now. Like other resellers only the black version of the OP2 is available at this time and quantities are limited!

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Buy the OnePlus 2 from Giztop.com

UU Online Shop

buy oneplus 2 without invite

UU Online Shop are a new company to us, but they have sent us order confirmation details from OnePlus.cn and a DHL tracking number for our review phone. The company say that they have already sold 100 OP2 phones and will be ordering more through their Chinese channels ASAP.

Still you must be careful before ordering from a new store. We would recommend waiting for our review phone to arrive to be 100% certain, but so far they seem legit and our OP2 should arrive next week (depending on how DHL are feeling).

Buy the OnePlus 2 from uuonlineshop.com

Chigon Aliexpress Store

buy oneplus 2 without invite

You might have never heard of Chigon before, but the chances are you may have dealt with a European reseller that uses this Chinese based company to source stock. Chigon supply a number of EU resellers with Chinese phones, and have now opened their own Aliexpress store to offer phones direct from China.

Buy the OnePlus 2 from Chigon on Aliexpress


10 things about the oneplus 2

GearBest are one of the better known resellers, with a long reputation and a huge selection of products. We recently received a OnePlus 2 from the company from China with fast shipping. The OnePlus 2 can be ordered from GearBest.com right now with no invite.

Buy the OnePlus 2 from Gearbest


5 stores you can buy the oneplus 2 without invite

Reseller Oppomart once specialised on only Oppo devices, but they now deal in most premium Chinese phone brands. Oppomart is also advertising the OnePlus 2 at one of the lowest prices we have seen the phone at since its release last week.

Buy the OnePlus 2 from Oppomart.com


OnePlus 2 everbuying

Everbuying.net aren’t the oldest known resellers of Chinese products, but have quickly made their way up in the list of trusted Chinese stores. At the time of writing the article, the OnePlus 2 (in the 4GB RAM, 64GB version) is being offered at an attractive $435.99 from Everbuying.net with free worldwide shipping.

Buy the OnePlus 2 from Everbuying.net


oneplus 2 pandawill

Pandawill have the OnePlus 2 listed at just $459.99 for the 4GB RAM 64GB ROM version of the 2016 flagship killer.

Buy the OnePlus 2 from Pandawill.com

More Stores Soon

We have spoken to more stores in the hope they can provide us with proof that they too have OnePlus 2 stock allowing you to buy the phone without an invitation. We hope that more stores can be added as this will also give us the chance to offer OnePlus 2 phones as giveaway prizes!

Keep posted for more shops you can buy the OnePlus 2 without invite.

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