Elephone P7000 vs P8000 vs Mi Note vs Note 3: Storage speed test

Flash memory speed is often something easily overlooked when purchasing a phone. This is despite the fact that there are numerous tools available that allow you to benchmark read/write speeds on flash memory, which is indicative of the quality of the flash memory used.

Elephone use the ignorance in buyers to show how their phones have faster storage speeds. A video was posted by the company earlier today, which pits the P7000 and the P8000 against the Xiaomi Mi Note and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Take a look at the video below:

In the end, the two Elephones — P7000 and P8000 — take the first two positions speed wise respectively, with the Mi Note and Galaxy Note 3 following. While this is clearly a marketing antic, it is something that won’t hurt users and seems fairly legit.

The P8000 is Elephone’s current flagship, while the P7000 was the company’s storm trooper for a couple months before that. You can read our review of the P7000 here.

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