Ears on review with the ADO Mate 3 NFC speaker

ado m3 speaker review

Bluetooth wireless speakers are a must have accessory for Summer, and with a huge 1800mAh battery the ADO Mate 3 would make your perfect audio companion.

I do like to listen to music when I have a chance, so I am pretty happy today that I get to type this ears on of the new ADO Mate 3 while listening to some summer tunes.

The market has been flooded with small, super portable mobile speakers this year. Most all models offer a similar compact size, Bluetooh connectivity and adequate audio performance to bring a little music to any environment.

Joining the market is Chinese accessory maker ADO, whose ADO Mate 3 brings a little more in the way of design, and hardware to the table (quite literally) with built in NFC, monstrous 1800mAh battery and 4.3w speaker (around 30% larger than similar models). It even comes with an English user manual, which is odd for a Chinese accessory.

ADO Mate 3 NFC Spekaker- Design

ado m3 speaker review

If the design and build of the ADO M3 is anything to go by then ADO might well be my accessory maker of choice from now on (they have more products in the pipeline). The simple white cube features the a main speaker directing your music out of the top, while the white rubberised sides feature a single power button (with blue LED indicator), and a single USB for charging.

ado m3 speaker review

The base features a thicker grey rubber foot to prevent the speaker from sliding around on uneven surfaces and together with the weight of the device keeps any annoying vibration at bay.

I like the white rubberised body a lot. Its the type of finish (and design) that really looks great anywhere to place it. Next to the pool, in the garden, living room, kitchen or even bathroom (but take care as it isn’t waterproof) it looks and works great just about anywhere.

The rubberised finish also means you can pick the device up with oily sunscreen slick hands at the beach without needing to worry about loosing grip.

ADO Mate 3 NFC Speaker – Hardware

As already mentioned the ADO Mate 3 boasts a massive 1800mAh battery. We’ve seen phones in the past with 1800mAh batteries and they have screens, antenna, data, processors and cameras to power! The 1800mAh battery in the ADO M3 simple has to keep Bluetooth connected, operate NFC and the blue LED and pump tunes to the large 4.3w speaker.

ado m3 speaker review

ADO claim the Mate 3 can run continuously from 15-20 hours on a single charge depending on the level of volume and other factors. The fact is the battery of your phone is more likely to run out first than the one powering the M3.

I’m happy to see NFC has been included in the speaker. As long as you have a phone with NFC (sorry OP2 users) all you need to do is hold your phone close to the speaker and the two will pair allowing audio to flow through the little white box.

Connection is handled by Bluetooth, so even if you don’t have NFC you can pair to the speaker the connectional way via your Bluetooth settings. It just takes a few additional steps to set it all up thats all.

Once you are connected the ADO M3 has an operating range of 15 meters allowing you to leave the speaker in situ while you carry your phone around as usual.

ADO Mate 3 NFC Speaker – Perfomance

I’m pretty astonished by this little speaker. Pairing to my Asus Zenfone 2 was super fast via NFC, and it didn’t take too much longer through the Bluetooth menu on the LeTV Le 1.

ado m3 speaker review

Once paired the connection remained rock solid. No matter where I happened to be in the house, music just kept flowing as it should with no hicoughs of interruptions.

The first time we turned the Mate 3 on and had music playing others in the office came through to see where the music was coming from. The look of surprise that the whole room was being filled with music by this tiny white box was priceless, more so when I indicated I had the volume at just 3/4.

ado m3 speaker review

At max volume you can easily fill a good size room with music, plus any connecting room too! At Max volume there is enough power to annoy your neighbours and risk a visit from the Police for disturbing the peace!

Not only is the ADO M3 loud but it also has surprisingly good bass and mid range too. Don’t get me wrong, you aren’t going to be able to hold a Drum and Bass gig with the speaker, but if you wanted some quality audio to accompany your day at the office or evening BBQ the M3 does better than you could imagine.

ADO Mate 3 NFC Speaker – Conclusion

At $22.99 you would be mad to complain about this little speaker. It has the power to fill a large room or even small garden with music, it boasts amazing battery life and looks stylish all the while doing it.

ado m3 speaker review

There are Bluetooth speakers out there that do offer more bass, but they are much much larger and less portable, and can cost more than $100, for that money I would much prefer to have 4 ADO Mate 3 mate filling my home with music.

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