OnePlus 2 reservations hit 2 million, but the actual number is probably a lot less

oneplus 2 reservations

In just one week the OnePlus 2 reservation counter has hit the 2 million mark!

The OnePlus 2 might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but already 2 million people from OnePlus international launch areas have signed up to receive an invite, well that’s the official number anyway.

Earlier this week it was revealed that at least one hacker had managed to use an exploit in the OnePlus 2 reservation system to get pushed further up the pecking order using a method that injects a bunch of fake referrals in to the system. In addition to hacks, everyday fans will have more than likely signed up to the invite system using every email address available to them to use.

If we assume that everyone signed up with at least 2 email address then OnePlus are looking at around the 1 million mark. Chances many of hopefuls will have used more than 2 address and what ever hacks are available meaning an actual number well below 1 million.

Still even if we are looking at 500,000 customers that is really an incredible achievement in only a week, but again that’s a lot of order to fill so that every fan will have his or her new OnePlus phone.

Remember the invite system is only for those fans wanting to buy the OnePlus 2 through official international channels. Those of you who want to jump the gun could use one of the many Chinese resellers to order the Chinese version of the OnePlus 2. Take a look at our growing list of stores where you can buy the OnePlus 2 without invite.

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