UMi Zero 2 update 4/9: Will have a (faux?) leather rear

UMi is back with another one of its updates for the upcoming Zero 2 smartphone, and this one’s something that style lovers might fall for.

The picture that UMi tease — reading ‘fashion is keeping up with technology’ — shows a rather stylish leather/faux leather rear for the Zero 2. The Zero 2 is thus far confirmed to have a dual screen design with a 5.2-inch front screen (with 2.5D curved glass on top), an e-ink screen on the back and a 20 mega-pixel camera.

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This new update that gives the phone the leather back should make it not only nicer to look at, but also gripper and perhaps more comfortable to hold.

Previous photos have shown a ‘regular’ plastic rear for the phone, so it is likely that this leather option will be optional. I’m also pretty sure no other dual screen phone offers a leather rare, so this combination should be pretty interesting to look out for.

The first generation UMi Zero came with a Super AMOLED screen which was one of the selling points of the phone, and there should be no reason for UMi to let go of the display technology for the next installment.

This was the 4th out of the 9 teasers that UMi are going to put out for the Zero 2, so watch this space for the next 5!

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  1. Technerd
    August 12, 2015

    I don’t like leather on a phone glass or metal would look better on this phone I think.

    • Rob
      August 13, 2015

      Agreed, leather on a phone looks really cheap and tacky. Hate it on the G4, the ‘leather effect’ on the Note 4 looked like crap and so does this.

      • Dante
        August 14, 2015

        Actually on LG G4 is looking the best from the whole bunch
        It feels super comfy in your hand and I get multiple compliments everyday

  2. sudione
    August 12, 2015

    One moment.
    1/9 Date of premiere
    2/9 Dual screen
    3/9 Camera 20 MP
    4/9 Design like LG G4
    It is right?

    • Tony Lee
      August 12, 2015

      thank you for your news

      • Dante
        August 13, 2015

        Would you prefer this or a Doogee phone?

    • Michal
      August 13, 2015

      I think it was as follows:
      1/9 Dual screen (date of premiere was from “1/9″ – now it is known as counter of hints)
      2/9 5,2” screen with 2,5D glass
      3/9 “best” camera
      4/9 leather rear

    • Guaire
      August 13, 2015

      Add fingerprint scanner and MT6795.

  3. Marius Cirsta
    August 12, 2015

    I still don’t quite understand , isn’t the back covered almost entirely by the e-ink screen ?

    • August 12, 2015

      Agree, how do you get e-ink vbeing visible through leather?
      So either easily removable, there will be an e-ink pro model and a standard model, or its some extra special amazing leather ))

    • iKosh
      August 13, 2015

      I was thinking the same, there is no sign of a display on the back.

    • Guaire
      August 13, 2015

      I guess it will came with two variant, one with e-ink display on the back, other one with fingerprint scanner on the back.

      That promo pic shows a fingerprint scanner and I find out a video shows same design. Judging by the upload date of that video it have to be an early prototype.

      • Dante
        August 14, 2015

        Thanks man

  4. verbage
    August 12, 2015

    Faux leather back like the Mstar M1 Pro! Yeah, I know these phones are in completely different leagues, but $137 for the MTK6752-equipped M1 Pro seems pretty compelling!

  5. August 14, 2015

    absolutely 6795, because only this chip from mediatek that support 20MP camera, 6752/53 only capable of 13MP

  6. August 14, 2015

    absolutely 6795, because only this chip from mediatek that support 20MP camera, 6752/53 only capable of 13MP