Budget Doogee X5 will start from only $49.99

doogee x5

Doogee X5 coming in 4 models and various UV protected colours from $49.99.

Doogee’s new plan of action is to launch fewer new models but then offer multiple variants of a particular device with varying specifications and cost.

We have seen them announce this with the 3 versions of the flagship Doogee F3, and they are also going to do the same with their entry-level Doogee X5 range.

The X5 will start at just $49.99 for a standard model with only 512mb RAM and 4GB storage but prices will rise to include more RAM and 4G LTE. We don’t know all the pricing info yet, but each phone will come in an option of either pink, yellow, green, blue, white or black with a protective UV coating to prevent the colours dulling over time.

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doogee x5

More details can be had over on the official Doogee website.

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  1. Dante
    August 25, 2015

    Budget Device doogee x5 will be made from radioactive salvage and will cost only 50 dollars! Fk your life when You can buy a cheap smartphone

  2. balcobomber25
    August 25, 2015

    Putting aside that a $50 Doogee won’t last more than a month, there is very very little you can do on Android with only 512mb of RAM.

    • Rob
      August 25, 2015

      don’t knock it, it may even be capable of booting up….eventually. Seriously though anyone who buys a phone today with 512mb or RAM deserves to suffer, getting your fingernails pulled out would be a less excruciating experience!!

      • balcobomber25
        August 25, 2015

        haha. Then again I guess if your paying $50 for a smartphone your can’t expect much, another $20 will get you an extra gig of RAM.

      • Hiwyx
        August 25, 2015

        512mb is ok on iOS 6 and Windows phone.

        • Rob
          August 26, 2015

          Except this is running Android and that hates 512mb.

  3. Antonio Rossi
    August 25, 2015

    I’m wondering what SoC will they use for such low price… sofia?

    • Dante
      August 25, 2015

      Shut up – Just shut Up im sick of intel sofia

  4. Chickens
    August 25, 2015

    I think it might do good in the Philippines, a local brand just released a $64 phone (5.1, 5″ HD, 1Gb, 8GB, 3G Spreadtrum 7731) and got good sales reception. Most guys that use public transportation are content with watching TV/Movies on their phones, so 512MB might be good enough for them, specially those that are new to Android.