Meet the tiny Elephone Q, a tiny phone with few surprises

Meet the tiny Elephone Q, a tiny phone with few surprises

elephone Q

Just when we thought we had seen everything, Elephone have gone and thrown us a curve ball with the announcement of the super tiny Elephone Q.

I got my hands on with the ridiculously small Elephone Q last week, but at that time the phone lacked a final name and we weren’t sure of the hardware specifications.

Elephone have been quick to solve those slight issues and today they have informed us the cute little phone is going to be sold as the Elephone Q, and have confirmed all the hardware details.

Before I get in to the nitty gritty of the phone though you are all probably wondering just what the point of this phone is? Well I was too, and Elephone told me that the Q won’t just be a phone, but a wearable device!

elephone Q

You see the Elephone Q has all your standard Android phone features, but also gets activity tracking and pedometer features. The idea is the phone can be worn as a badge, around the neck on a chain or on your wrist with a band and take up both fitness tracker and phone duties.

Seeing as the Elephone Q only measures in at 90x 43 x 11.5mm the device has just a 2.54-inch TFT display with a resolution of 240 x 432. Yes, that is a display that is physically to small to type on!

Like every good smartphone the plastic bodied Q has front and rear cameras, SD memory card support for up to 64GB cards, WIFI, 3G WCDMA and an Android operating system (Android 4.4 Kitkat), running on a 1Ghz Mediatek chipset.

The tiny size also means just a small 550mAh battery, and just a single SIM slot. According to the official Elephone specifications the Q can hold enough charge for 110hours of standby or 4hours of talk time.

If you are still at a loss to understand why Elephone would launch the Elephone Q and who is going to buy such a device, then you are not on your own. Surely a decent entry level phone and cheap activity band would be cheap enough but offer better function?

What do you think of the tiny Elephone Q? Is it going to be the big surprise of 2015, or do you think it is a little lacking?

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  • Gal

    Cute. We were just discussing today about how there are barely (if any) small and high specs phone out there. It isn’t it of course, but it looks cute.
    I would love to have a tiny smartphone with good battery, good screen and above average camera. Something to take with me to places I prefer not to take my larger phone.

  • @ndy

    I think elephone should really concentrate on making a flagship that lives up to the hype first. Rather than pump out different phones + subpar flagships every month.

  • Xalis

    The size is ideal for a small kid that you want to carry a smartphone but don’t want him carrying a ROB ME sigh every time he pulls it from his pocket, also it will mean he can’t game on it, so this a good design for a school emergencies phone, the only flaw: Elephone.

    Not every phone should try to catch benchmark hunters.

  • Dante
    • luisa valesca

      what reaction it is, ahahah

    • Assefa Hanson

      Dabte thank you, i am forever indebted to you om my lord XD, dude why did you do this? oh my god LOLOLOLOLOL

      • Dante

        Oh my god LoLoLoLo necroing a post like that – genius mate – your brilliance assufa…

        • Assefa Hanson

          i didnt necro, gizchina did, this was in the whats trending section recently, my guess is because of the recent youtube videos on the elephone q on youtube. are you that upset that someone replied to a comment of yours that you have to be an A-hole about it?

  • Andrew P

    Considering the fact that majority of Chinese phones are not FCC approved and are known for low security standards, I think putting this on your neck could be harmful due to continuous non-ionising EMF radiation.

    It is better to find a quality product for these purposes.

  • E8hffff

    Maybe good for children. It’s crazy that Elephone just keep releasing models rather than concentrate on a few over a year. Others have said the same in the past.

  • E8hffff

    Andi is there any more news on the Vowney?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    whats this ? A PHONE FOR ANTS ?!

  • Muhammad Yasir


  • Tiago

    Looks great as a sports / backup phone. I could get one, depending on the reviews and price.

  • Airyl

    It’s adorable.

  • Freeje

    Yeah for kids or midgets.

  • Youl

    Another crap from Elephone !
    Yay, let’s make a news and get some money xD

  • lordsbm

    I like the idea of a small phone to be used during travel. For this, the screen looks horrible. The white bezel already looks thick for a small phone, they have to add a super thick black border. If you gonna make a small phone, put more effort into hardware customization rather than just grabbing what’s available in the market (mp4?) and fix them together.

  • french harp

    “The idea is the phone can be worn as a badge, around the neck on a chain or on your wrist with a band and take up both fitness tracker and phone duties.” good joke, elephone

  • MickyLo

    the phone is so mini , can it be get in http://www.elephone,cc ? i saw lots of elephone in the web

    • Tommy

      really???i’m interested in elephone and my friend is a elephone fan,he bought a phone from the website, i like it

      • Tony Lee

        it seems you guys are from elephone

        • luisa valesca

          ahah,who knows… but it’s really a lovely phone

  • r5

    I am buying this for my wife. She needs just few apps (skype, navigation) and nothing fancy. This one will fit in her purse and is white and all pretty.
    Perfect phone for ladies!

    • luisa valesca

      I think so tooo

    • _V_

      I had chance to use it last year (got sample from supplier)
      Texting on this thing is very hard with lots of mistakes.

      Due to size it is only for calls and short sms.


    one MINI elephone,so lovely

  • lol

    battery is too damn small, even my feature phone has 1200 mah battery with same screen size

  • bilbao

    I think it’s nice for small budget or maybe older people, i think it’ very simple to use and price is very low so is some countries this can be very intresting !

  • Hmm… I’m not sure, it would be interesting for me if it was a little smaller…
    And about troubles with typing – there are keyboards optimised for screens like that, like Messagease

  • Anes Fansub

    muy pequeño , este es el movil ideal para hacer examenes finales