The Huawei Watch is available for pre-order and it is too expensive

huawei watch

As someone who uses Android Wear on a daily basis I understand it’s a cool gadget but limited features means its only worth investing very limited amounts of money on making the Huawei Watch a no go for many of us.

Android Wear is very cool and if you choose a decent watch then you can have a few days of use from a single charge plus some nice Google Now features, notifications and fitness monitoring options.

It’s convenient and I like it, but I wouldn’t invest more than a couple of hundred dollars on a current ben Android Wear device. It is simply not worth it.

Huawei hope that wearable buyers are totally unlike me though and have started selling their Huawei Watch on Amazon through pre-sales with prices ranging from $349 to $799!

huawei watch

I tried the Huawei Watch at MWC, its a great looking wearable and very well made but it isn’t any better than the Asus Zenwatch (the wearable I use) or the Moto 360, both of which are on sale now at considerably less than the new Huawei.

If you are feeling flush though then by all means take a look at the various Huawei watch options that include leather straps, stainless steel body and even gold plating.

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