IFA 2015: Altec Lansing Life Jacket Bombproof speakers

altec lansing bombproof speaker

Altec Lansing aren’t a Chinese brand but they do source their range of rugged speakers form China, and are the first Bluetooth speaker I have seen survive a bomb blast

We see Bluetooth speakers of every description on sale and online all the time now. The latest portable speakers actually offer outstanding audio (for their size and price) such as the ADO Mate 3 we recently reviewed.

If you are more of an outdoors type though you will want a speaker that is a little more durable, and none I have seen so far are as durable as the Altec Life Jacket. Altec Lansing are an American brand who source their rubberised speakers from China, but the rubber isn’t just for looks! These speakers really do take a pounding.

The top of the range Life Jacket speakers are shock proof, water proof and will even continue to stream your music during and after a direct bomb blast! Check out the video below.

The Life Jacket costs around $150 on Amazon and features Bluetooth, NFC and 16 hour battery life.

There is also the Life Jacket 2 which has a 4o hour battery life, and will float and is IP67 sand and waterproof.

altec lansing bombproof speaker

All of the Altec range have tripod mount in the base too making them perfect for use at small outdoor events, at the local BMX track or even just chilling at the beach.

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