IFA 2015: Mini Xiaomi Box clone comes with USB for $31

Android tv mini box IFA

Chinese brands are in abundance at IFA, and this factory is selling Mini Xiaomi Android TV boxes with single USB for $31.

When Xiaomi launched their Mini Xiaomi Box this year it was a cool little product, but the lack of ports on the device means that us Western users can’t easily load new launchers, side load apps and really make use of it outside of China.

The same company who are behind Wintel TV boxes had their own version of the Mini Xiaomi Box at IFA with similar compact design, HDMI out plus a USB plug. Out of the box the mini box comes with Android 4.4 Kitkat with UI in multiple languages. The device even has Netflix and Google apps installed as standard too.

Android tv mini box IFA

Having a USB means that you have a little more control over the device. It is easy to connect to a PC and ROOT, Install 3rd party apps and even make your own custom systems for the device.

An AMLOGIC chips runs the box and in my time with the device I found it to be a solid performer. I was actually surprised by just how smooth the system works.

This Mini Box comes with a HDMI cable and remote control all for just $31, the only issue I can see is the plug standard which would mean Europeans and residents of the UK would need a bulky adapter to work.

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