Could this be the iPad Pro, leaked video shows large screen Apple tablet

ipad pro leaked

Purported leaked images of an Apple iPad Pro have been shared along with details of a quad speaker arrangement and stylus.

On Wednesday next week Apple will hold an event where new iPhones and iPads are expected to launch. Among them is the possibility of an iPad Pro, an image of which has been leaked on video.

We have been expecting to see Apple launch a Pro level iPad for sometime, and like their Macbook Pro range, the new tablet should be more productive than the usual consumer iPads.

According to reports which came with these leaked images, the new iPad Pro will have the largest display of any Apple iOS device to date. The panel could be as large as 12.9 inches. The larger screen will make use of iOS 9.1 screen splitting features for multi app operation and could also support stylus input.

An enhanced Siri personal assistant and 4 speakers are believed t be part of the iPad Pro package too.

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