Are OnePlus planning to buy HTC’s old Shenzhen factory?

oneplus htc factory

While I was in Shenzhen last week there was news that a Chinese phone maker were planning to buy a HTC factory in Shenzhen. Could it be OnePlus making the bold move?

As far as we know OnePlus are still relying on Oppo and their investors to manufacture the OnePlus and OnePlus 2. This is fine for now, but what if the deal goes sour (like Cyanogen) OnePlus would be up the creek without a paddle

Having their own factory would mean OnePlus don’t need to rely on other companies, it could mean they are able to lower costs, and it would also give confidence to possible new investors for the future.

So if OnePlus are to buy a factory who might they approach? Well what about struggling Taiwanese brand HTC? Pete Lau of OnePlus has posted images of himself at a HTC office which might point to the purchase of a factory in Shenzhen, or might simply be a holiday snap.

oneplus htc factory

Do you think OnePlus have the capital to invest in a factory? Do you think it is a wise move for a company that is just over a year old? Let us know in the comments below.

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