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OnePlus 9

OnePlus started its journey in 2014 with the OnePlus One that revolutionized the market as the very first flagship killer. The brand brought many premium …

The founder, CEO and the main person at OnePlus will start working at Oppo. Pete Lau, formerly Oppo vice president, created OnePlus in December 2013. …

After a couple of leaks and rumors, OnePlus finally confirmed that its OnePlus TV will be announced in September. However, don’t hold your breath if …

Upcoming smartphones are usually enmeshed in series of leaks leading to the final unveiling, and the Oneplus 7 from the Chinese phone maker OnePlus has …

Last week, we saw the rear design of the upcoming OnePlus 6. We also observed the phrase “designed by OnePlus”. Now, OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, …

Well that’s what the CEO of OnePlus thinks, not us. Pete Lau made a post earlier on the forums of the Chinese company regarding the …

OnePlus boss Pete Lau has posted a selfie from his own OnePlus 3 detailing an 8 mega-pixel front camera for the next ‘flagship killer’.

oneplus 3 render leaked

The OnePlus 3 is due to launch in June-July, so what will the specifications be? Well Pete Lau has sat down with Indian OnePlus fans to discuss their dream specs and suggest a few options they could have.

At a recent event, Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra and OnePlus’ Pete Lau were spotted exchanging pleasantries… and phones.

oneplus 2 review

There are rumours that OnePlus will launch another phone at the end of the year, while it might be nice to hope for a OnePlus 3 a leaked internal email makes it clear that can’t be the case.

oneplus htc factory

While I was in Shenzhen last week there was news that a Chinese phone maker were planning to buy a HTC factory in Shenzhen. Could it be OnePlus making the bold move?

oneplus 2 photo samples

Ahead of the official launch of the OnePlus 2, company boss Pete Lau has released a few night photos taken with the OP2 at night, and the results are might impressive.

oneplus 2 dual sim

The official OnePlus 2 specifications are being drip fed to fans with the latest coming from CEO Pete Lau pointing at dual SIM support.

Yes, you read right; the next OnePlus phone, i.e., the OnePlus 2 will have a whopping 4GB of RAM!

OnePlus’s CEO Pete Lau has recently stated that the upcoming OnePlus 2 will not be priced anywhere above $450.

The OnePlus 2 is arguably one of the most anticipated smartphones to come from China, for reasons good and bad alike.

oneplus 2 concept

The launch of the OnePlus 2 is still a few months away, but OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has already been discussing hardware with fans on Weibo.

oneplus one review gizchina

After their element teaser, OnePlus today have announced the name of their ROM will be H2 0s. More details.

oneplus one review gizchina

The OnePlus One has been a roaring success and so a 2nd generation phone is on the cards, with it’s own OnePlus developed ROM.

oneplus ice bucket

CEO of smartphone start-up OnePlus, Pete Lau, has taken the Ice Bucket challenge and challenges 3 more of China’s tech bigwigs.