Update: OnePlus releasing their own ROMs named H2 0S and Oxygen OS

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After their element teaser, OnePlus today have announced the name of their ROM will be H2 0s. More details.

Pete Lau, founder of OnePlus, has posted on the Chinese OnePlus forum and Weibo that his companies upcoming ROM will be named H2 Os, which explains the Element Chart teaser from yesterday and makes much more sense than a metal rear cover.

Pete Lau goes on to explain the they chose H2 OS as the name for the elements are some of the oldest in history, with Hydrogen being one of the lightest. I suppose this could be a hint that OnePlus’ own H2 OS ROM could be as lightweight and bloatware free as Cyanogen is.

Another reason, Lau expalins, is the matter of trademark and the fact with this name they aren’t likely to run in to leagal issues with competing ROM or OS in the future.

oneplus h2 os

Oxygen OS


While H2 0S appears to be geared towards Chinese users, a seperate verson of the ROM named Oxygen OS will be released for international OnePlus users. More details are promised on Febuary 12th.

The full details are available in the above image in Chinese. Or if you want to visit the Chinese OnePlus forum here. Englsih thread here.

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