Latest OnePlus 2 teaser points at dual sim support

Latest OnePlus 2 teaser points at dual sim support

oneplus 2 dual sim

The official OnePlus 2 specifications are being drip fed to fans with the latest coming from CEO Pete Lau pointing at dual SIM support.

Rather than let us wait until the launch of their next phone, OnePlus have been posting teasers of their phone and release specification details for the past few weeks.

Specs that we know so far are a Snapdragon 810 chipset (V2.1), 4GB RAM, USB Type C, fingerprint scanner and 13 mega-pixel laser focus rear camera. The OP team also let slip a 3300mAh battery and the fact the phone will probably be made of metal.

Today CEO Pete Lau posting on Weibo, told Chinese followers that the OP2 will come with dual SIM support. The image clearly shows 2 x SIM cards with a WIFI logo in-between. Now knowing the phone has space for dual SIM cards it does also open up the possibility that we might see space for an SD card too (although we don’t hold out much hope for that).

The OP2 will be announced officially on 28th July, however all the latest Oneplus 2 news will be posted here as it becomes available.

[ Weibo ]
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  • Atomicrus

    I think all the specs hype will be lost after they announce the price tag) Need MOAAAR Invite hell and PR competitions)

  • pa5t1s

    +1 for Dual SIM.
    Now, as suggested by @Gizchina:disqus, the dual SIM tray could have the option to hold 1 SIM + 1 SD (e.g. iOcean made that in the past…)

  • monkeytree

    Lack of double sim (plus missing LTE Band 20/800Mhz) was exactly the reason I never bought the OPO. For the OP2 it probably will be the price ?

    • pa5t1s

      I’m pretty sure they will add LTE Band 20…

      • monkeytree

        Yep. Never understood why it wasn’t in OPO, because they marketed that phone with some extent all over Europe. It resulted in quite a lot of dissatisfied buyers, notably in the UK and The Netherlands

  • markg

    Complete waste of time ! OPT phone is outdated with its SD 810. In 2-3 months we shall buy devices with SD 820. (nexus 2015 Mi5 plus and more to come with an.droid M out of the box for the same price of the OPT

  • HBK

    Please be a hybrid sim + sd card slot. Please. _/_

    • Leo

      No stop that, it should be 2 sim slots + 1 SD card slot

    • Xalis

      Good God, this world is doomed.

      You’re asking to be f–ed in the ass but softly…

      Dual SIM + SD or get out.

  • Adam Irvine

    Can someone please give me a real life situation where they would actually need dual sim?

    The way I see it, if you’re traveling around the world then it would be good, but otherwise, why would anyone want 2 phone numbers?

    I’d hate having to give out 2 mobile numbers all the time with the sentence “if you can’t get me on that number, try the other”!?!?!?!?

    • pa5t1s

      Personal line and Professional line for instance…

      • Adam Irvine

        Ahh ye, ok fair enough…

        But most companies give out a corporate phone of some sort don’t they? For example, where I work they give iPhones out as well because they encrypt them and use MS Exchange email and that’s all they trust for some reason.

        • pa5t1s

          Yep, I was given iPhones and Sam Notes in the past… but now I take the SIM and install it in my OPO 🙂
          First benefit: *no* bloatwares from carrier!

          • Adam Irvine

            Ahh so I guess you’re using your corp sim for personal use also then but ideally you’d like to have a personal sim as well as your corp sim all in one kick ass phone right?

            • pa5t1s

              Yep, 2 SIMs 1 Phone would be convenient and …lighter to wear 🙂

    • THISain’t

      1 is for corporate use like I do…

    • MaxPower

      another reason is that some carriers have different prices for data usage:
      for example they offer sim for tablet-use-only that can’t be used for voice or text.

    • asd

      You would never give both numbers to the same person unless that person is very special to you…. One number for the wife, one number for the mistress and other bitches…or sometimes you only want certain people to have access to you, so work sim is switched off at 5pm then friends and family can still get you on the other sim…

    • Xalis

      I use it like this:

      Take Calls:
      SIM 1: Website 1 sales + Family
      SIM 2: Website 2 sales

      Make Calls
      SIM 1: Everyone from SIM 1
      SIM 2: Too expensive with this carrier

      SIM 1: Never
      SIM 2: Always, data is cheap with this carrier

      Whats that?

      Also I need 2 whatsapp numbers and titanium backup profiles + dual SIM is a good solution to carry 2 whatsapp numbers on a single phone.

  • mike fiera

    Now let’s just up the battery capacity and we have a winning formula

  • David

    Now I will consider buying it for sure. DualSIM is just what OP1 was missing.

    • Leo

      Same here

  • xi7

    without OIS camera…

  • Nishikanta

    Only thing left if a quad hd support. Honestly if these specs avilable in 5″ screen then its another killer for next gen phones.

  • mickeymousefunny

    giztop giveaway, win a FREE onpelus 2