Hugo Barra of Xiaomi seems to be having fun with a OnePlus X! (updated)

Xiaomi and OnePlus may be arch-rivals on the tech scene, but it looks as though the respective bosses of these young smartphone companies seem to share a rapport that sees beyond the competition between them.

Spotted recently were Xiaomi’s goal face, Hugo Barra, and OnePlus CEO Pete Lau… each holding a phone from the respective counterpart’s company.

While that in itself is quite an amusing scene, what we’re interested in is the device that Barra held in his hand.

It looks like the upcoming OnePlus X! Take a look for yourself. (UPDATE: It seems as though the phone Hugo’s holding is a Smartisan T2, earlier (wrongly?) believed to be a OnePlus X!)


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Lau, on the other hand, seems to be in approval of the baby-skin-ish-back of a white Xiaomi Mi 4i/Mi 4c.

What’s cooking here? Without going too much ahead of ourselves, it just seems like a well planned friendly picture, which does no harm to no one.

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That said, it is fun to see two of the biggest tech names chilling with one another with a rival phone in the hands!

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  1. Tajwar
    October 14, 2015

    Hugo Barra is a cool man I respect him.

    • Dante
      October 14, 2015

      Yea he is , But the reason he ledt google and went to xiaomi is that he felt like he hadnt enough power so he has his own flaws

      • Airyl
        October 14, 2015

        But that’s not a flaw, that’s just common sense. He left one company for a better position at a different company.

        • Dante
          October 15, 2015

          Uh he was the Ceo…. Of google Duh…

  2. bobanafama
    October 14, 2015

    If he’s not holding a OnePlus X but a Smartisan T2, and you update only the article but not the headline, isn’t that clickbait? Have some integrity, please.

    • October 14, 2015

      Yeah it looks like that (if you read the article you’ll also have seen the update inside). It was pointed out to me that it wasn’t a OnePlus X / Mini but something more like a Smartisan T2 (but not the T2, check out the camera flash placement).

      Trust me, we don’t do clickbait here.

      • lol
        October 14, 2015

        It’s still clickbait, adding “updated” to the title tells nothing to the reader that it’s actually not a Oneplus x. The word “updated” can mean a lot of things here and you sneakily use that as an excuse to say it’s not clickbait? You’re also telling me I have to actually read half of the article only to find out it’s not the Oneplus X? Why isn’t your “updated” text at the top of your paragraph but at the end?

        • October 15, 2015

          Of course it doesn’t. We can’t change the entire title of an article once it’s published (it goes into feedreaders and such), and can’t remove it entirely for the same reason (unless REALLY needed).

          Now, it all comes down to intent, and I know this piece wasn’t written to be ‘clickbait’. It’s your word against mine, you won’t believe me and I can’t change what happened, so lets just let it go.

          Oh and the ‘updated’ text is where it is because that’s where I originally wrote that what Hugo was holding looked like a OnePlus X / Mini.

  3. Nishant Kumar
    October 14, 2015
  4. Steve B
    October 14, 2015

    If all the CEO’s got out there personal phones, I wonder what we would see? And would Elephone even know what model number it was.