OnePlus X briefly listed on Amazon; Launch date, specs detailed

OnePlus X briefly listed on Amazon; Launch date, specs detailed


Each passing day gives more insight into the upcoming OnePlus X, or the first mid-range phone from Chinese startup OnePlus.

What we knew until today was that the phone was due for a launch this year. However, a brief listing on Amazon India and a company teaser have given us a sneak peek at the specs sheet and the launch date for the phone.

As for the launch, it’ll take place on the 29th of this month in India. Now for the more interesting bit: the specs. The OnePlus X was found to be listed on Amazon India very briefly, and according to the listing here’s what the phone will have on board: a 5-inch 1920 x 1080p display and a MediaTek Helio X10 MT6795 SoC.

Pete Lau

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau landed in India a couple of days back

Leaks prior to this have pointed at a couple different specs sets: either 2GB or 3GB of RAM, and a possible Snapdragon 801 version (which, if you ask me, makes a lot of sense).

You can bet all your money it’ll be a 13 mega-pixel camera, but time will tell what sensor it’ll be. Since we’re talking budget, the OnePlus X most certainly won’t have laser autofocus, but instead something like PDAF that makes more sense (without breaking the budget barrier).

Word is that the OnePlus X will be $249, but I’m pretty certain it won’t be anything more than $199. Your thoughts?

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  • vijay sud

    Unless it has really premium specs and finish..a price of $249..will be suicidal ..but @ less than..much less than $ will have some chance. In india most action is @ below INR 9999..and much below….i.e. price your stuff @ less than this and sell buckets full.


      India is cheap in places where it shouldn’t be..TV..check..Fridge,Washing machine..check…Food….check..Car..Mid range-Costly….Good Housing..$$$$$..shit costly….13K-15K INR(200-220$) for a good 5 inch 1080p is vfm provided it delivers..and am hoping for great camera

      • King

        not to forget, temple run and candy crush must work! 😛

  • Tajwar

    Hope OP has figured everything carefully if they want to go with that price point because the mi4c exists.

  • Konstantin Cherednichenko

    I think that Xiaomi mi4c will be better…

  • RRRobert

    The only thing that worries me about this phone is its availability. It could become even worse than the OnePlus 2.

  • Taylor

    Why would anyone buy a phone with no device-only GPS and a weak-ass GPU? Ok, maybe someone who doesn’t game, fine, but A-GPS? Will people enjoy 10 minute cold locks as they start to drive, and monthly downloads of EPO files for device only mode?

    Fuck off.

    • CRBPlaza

      MT6795 doesn’t have GPS?

      • Taylor

        It does, but an extremely crappy one (tested on a few devices). For me, the true GPS benchmark is in device only mode with data network off, inside a speeding car, without hacks and EPO files and what not.

        Under those constraints, the MT6795 is a “no signal no lock” phone, which means – NO GPS! My SnapDragon 801? 3-4 seconds to lock, no network connection assist needed (I use offline maps) and amazing accuracy.

        • MaxPower

          which devices did you find this issue?

  • VMortens

    Keeping in mind current LeTV x600 prices (32GB slightly over 200$) I can say already – they will not be having an easy life with trying to sell this.
    I know LeTV is not a 5 incher, but still, LeTV is premium product at more than affordable price – something worth considering, for the sacrifice of little space in your pocket.

    • Dante

      Itl most likely have the same specs , also 1+ has a lot more fanboys than uh letv and it has waay better software

      • Muhammad Yasir

        whats so impressive about Oneplus software ?
        add to my knowledge …

        • Sere83


  • Muhammad Yasir

    better be cheap with KILLA night CAM !

    • King

      What pictures do you shoot at night? 😉

      • Muhammad Yasir

        none … i just want a camera potent enough for all situations 🙂

        • King


  • Sere83

    Again oneplus as with almost every other manufacturer has failed to exploit the obvious opening in the market. The mid and upper mid range is absolutely jammed with phones, how oneplus think they will sell another helio x10 phone with the competition so fierce in this tier and the prices so low is beyond me. Who is making a sub 5 inch device with a proper high end spec sheet though apart from Sony? NO ONE. This is what this phone should have been. Another opportunity missed from oneplus.