Bluboo Xtouch fingerprint scanner will support app lock

bluboo xtouch

Bluboo, like most phone makers, are cracking down on security with the addition of a fingerprint scanner. The feature on the Xtouch will support the usual security features in addition to App locking.

I know that not everyone is sold on the idea of a fingerprint scanner, but personally I use them if they are available. My current daily driver, the OnePlus 2 has the security measure, and while it does a good job of keep my phone secure from unauthorised use I wish I were able to lock individual applications too.

You know how it is, a friend, coworker, or child wants to take a look at your phone, but all you are worried about is if they will accidentally hit the ‘buy’ button on your Amazon account, or somehow move funds from your banking application.

Bluboo have thought about this on their upcoming Bluboo Xtouch which they have confirmed will support individual application locking, meaning a the system will require a scan of your fingerprint to access locked applications. It’s not a new feature by any means, but it is a feature still missing from plenty of other phones.

In addition to app locking the fingerprint scanner is a one touch model for unlocking from standby, and will also perform the usual home button duties (similar to the design on the OP2).

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