Siswoo launch dual screen Siswoo R9 Darkmoon at IFA

siswoo ifa 2015

Siswoo have officially launched the dual screen Siswoo R9 Darkmoon at IFA, with plan of releasing the phone under contract with TMobile in Europe.

Siswoo had an impressive display at IFA, the company managed to get a booth only a short walk away from the busy Huawei and ZTE areas and managed to create quite a stir of their own with the dual screen R9 Darkmoon.

Although we had already been lucky enough to test the phone in private, demo models of the R9 were on display for the media and tech fans alike to play around with. These final models are the same spec as the pre-production sample and feature a Mediatek MT6752 chipset, 3GB RAM, a front 5-inch FHD display and rear 4.7-inch E-ink panel.

siswoo ifa 2015

To switch between the panels is a piece of cake. First of all lock the main screen by pressing the power button, turn the phone over so the e-ink panel is facing forward and then hit the power button again. It takes a few seconds for the e-ink panel to catch up, but once up and running you can greatly extend your battery life.

Siswoo only have plans to sell the R9 Darkmoon through contracts with Tmobile, the reason being the high cost of the phone (around 500 Euros), but they did say it is possible to launch the phone for sale via internet channels if demand is high enough.

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