Special Edition Xiaomi router packs 2TB of storage

2tb xiaomi router

Xiaomi have released a Special version of their router series named the “Router 2048” after the 2TB of on board storage it holds.

The new Xiaomi Router 2048 has a few new features over their previous black model. Physically it is shorter than the original and it now has 2 large antennas held high to increase the range.

Internally there are changes too. The new router now gets double the storage of the original making it a whopping 2TB of space! I currently have the 1TB version and believe it or not it can get full quite quickly if you are using it as a ‘Time Machine’ storage location for backing up your computers.

Xiaomi have also given the new Router 2048 a 1.4Ghz dual core processor, 256MB of DDR3 RAM and an additional 512MB of flash storage to hold the software and various available apps for the router.

As with the original, Xiaomi are offering a special 1 yuan price to the first 1000 supporters of the router. Additional supporters will have to pay the full 999 Yuan price but will also receive a few extras (Ethernet cable, HIFI amp, Redmi Note 2 friend code) and can expect to receive their 2TB of wireless storage in October.

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