Zeblaze Crystal smartwatch 50% off in new flash sale

Zeblaze’s Crystal smartwatch has a certain luxury appeal, but luxury looks turn even sweeter when they come with a nice discount. And indeed, we have news of a new discount for you with the Zeblaze Crystal.

Retail site banggood.com is having a flash sale on the Zeblaze Crystal smartwatch. Whereas the original price of the smartwatch is $64.99, banggood will offer the Zeblaze Crystal for just $32.99 with its new sale. That’s 50% off the original price.

For those who need a refresher, the Zeblaze Crystal comes with a 1.54-inch, LCD screen with a 240 x 240p screen resolution, a genuine leather wristband that can be easily detached from the watch itself. The device itself it waterproof and dustproof, and offers Bluetooth pairing with both Android and iOS devices. The Zeblaze Crystal offers the usual heart rate monitor, text messaging, stop watch, and motion gestures, to name a few, but it also provides UI themes that allow you to change the look of your device.

The original price ($64.99) promises free shipping, 2-year warranty, and a “strap gift,” but we can’t say for sure that the $32.99 flash sale will promise the same.

To take advantage of this, you’ll need to prepare to head over to Banggood for the flash sale today, which will be held between 17:00PM and 23:00PM, Beijing Time.

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