Onda V919 Air CH with 9.7″ display, Cherry Trail announced

Onda’s one of the best known portable electronics makers from China. Right from the PMP days, Onda has been rather proactive with its gadgets but in the recent past seems to have gone into slumber.

If that’s what you thought also, the announcement of the Onda V919 Air CH should come as a sign of the brand’s awakening. The V919 Air CH, like other Chinese tablets of this day and age, comes with a 9.7-inch ‘retina’ screen of unspecified resolution, and is powered by the Cherry Trail X5 Z8500 Atom processor from Intel.

Besides the screen size (and the ‘retina’ tag that’s associated with it), the V919 Air CH shares the RAM amount with the Teclast X98 Pro, a tablet that seems to have caught the fancy of many a tech enthusiast here. Besides that, there’ll be 64GB of storage so you’ll have plenty playing around time before you’re made to add microSD storage.

There’s no word on the remaining specifications of the Onda V919 Air CH.

2015 has been a prolific year as far as Chinese Android tablets are concerned. OEMs have taken full advantage of Microsoft’s relaxed policies, and have combined that with some stellar hardware and impressive prices. The Chuwi Vi10 is a prime example of such a tablet.

I am, at the moment, testing the Cube i7 Remix which also seems like a very good tablet. Stay tuned for the review, and meanwhile let us know what you think of the V919 Air CH!

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