Oukitel K4000 nails it in the second challenge, hammers into wood

Oukitel recently challenged the iPhone 6 in a battery challenge, now they challenge a piece of wood and some sturdy nails!

Well, now that the battery test is behind us, what’s next? Oukitel decided to go above and beyond expectations this time, with an interesting durability test: the K4000 hammering nails into wood. In what proves to be one of the most fascinating 2.5-minute durability videos I’ve ever seen, Oukitel has a demonstrator use the K4000 to hammer ten nails into a long piece of wood. The demonstrator doesn’t waste any time, hammers hard, and doesn’t give the K4000 a moment’s rest. The result? The K4000 hammers the nails as though it was born to do it. Impressive!

Oukitel K4000 hammers nails Screenshot_2015-09-17-10-07-49 Screenshot_2015-09-17-09-44-56

The K4000 comes away unscathed from the hammering project – actually playing “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga as though nothing ever happened. Two areas in which smartphones can always improve are 1) durability and 2) battery life. With just these first two challenges, Oukitel’s K4000 is doing well.

We’re not sure if this Oukitel challenge is going to continue with more videos, but we’ll post them if they are as interesting as these 2 have been.

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