Uploading an unboxing video of your GetOne order could get you a full refund

It would be fair to say that GetOne has had a fairly successful entry onto the scene. The app-only store offers a variety of products at a flat rate of $9.99.

The first leg of its marketing plans saw the sales of some interesting gadgets such as the Mi Band, Cheerson CX-10 quadcopter and more for the flat rate of $9.99. The folks are now offering full refunds to their buyers.


To be able to get a refund for your order, you’re required to upload an ‘unboxing’ (this word is certainly going to find its way into the dictionary soon) video of a gadget you purchased from GetOne. In the company’s words:

  1. Use your camera to record the process of open box (i.e., make an unboxing video).
  2. Upload the video with the title “product name-Getone app” to Youtube, send the order number and Youtube link to marketing@getonevip.com.

Between September 25 and October 25, GetOne will pick 10 videos each day, creators of which will be refunded. Results can be checked on review.getone.cc.

I myself ordered a Xiaomi Power Strip from GetOne about a week back, and will be updating my experience shopping with GetOne in the GizChina Core group on Facebook.

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