Doogee F5 soon offered with 32GB memory and Samsung camera

doogee f5

Doogee will be releasing a larger memory version of the Doogee F5 with 32GB internal memory.

The 5.5-inch smartphone already launched with a distinctive metal body and rear fingerprint scanner, and 16GB memory. The new model will feature the same 7.8mm chassis and 82% screen to body ratio but with double the internal memory.

People who already bought the original 16GB version though shouldn’t be too concerned as the phone comes with a micro SD memory expansion port which can officially accept 32GB cards (however other MT6753 phones have proven to be compatible with 128GB cards).

Doogee are really talking up the camera on the Doogee F5. The main camera is a 13 mega-pixel 3M2XXM5 CMOS sensor sourced from Samsung. It’s the same camera that made its way in to the Doogee F3 and ZTE’s My Prague smartphone.

The current F5 comes in Silver or Gold at a price of around $140, expect the 32GB version to cost only slightly more.

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