Ramos Mos 1 Phablet Hifi audio features confirmed in teaser

ramos mos 1 phablet

If you were to name a few phones with HIFI audio then Vivo, LeTV and Meizu are likely to come to mind, and from this month Ramos might be added to that list too.

Since last year we have seen Chinese phone makers work on the finer points of smartphone design and user experience. Most companies already had build quality and component choice down to a find art, meaning a market saturated with similar phones. This saturation meant Chinese phone makers had to work on something new, this is why we saw the boom in camera centric phones, devices with narrow bezels, fingerprint scanners and finer audio equipment.

Tablet maker Ramos have been feeding on all the most recent smartphone developments and look set to incorporate many of the newer trends in to the Mos 1 Phablet. This device has been teased for around a month now with 6000mAh+ battery, 6-inch+ display and now HIFI audio sound.

We will have to wait until later on in the month to see how exactly Ramos plan to give their latest mobile high quality audio, but chances are they will make use of refinements Mediatek has included in their newest processors along with an additional audio processor of some description.

Of the mobiles you have used this year, which do you rate with the best audio?

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