Ulefone Paris survives 8 floor drop test, in its box

Ulefone have thrown their latest Ulefone Paris out of an 8th floor window to prove that the packaging of the phone can protect your device while in transit, we wonder what would happen without the box?

We’ve seen drop tests before, and usually they entail a phone dropped from waist height, shoulder height and head height to see how the phone will survive. The video above is more impressive due to the height, 30 meters, but less so as the phone is still in the box.

While the video does show the phone dropping 8 stories and surviving it is really more of a testament to the quality of the Ulefone Paris packaging rather than the strength of the phone itself.

Perhaps after we finish our review we will make a similar video to see how the Paris’ metal frame and Gorilla Glass front panel will survive an un-cushioned landing.

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