HTC just put Android on the iPhone and called it their own

There’s countless iPhone knockoffs on the market. HTC just seem to have added one to the list.

The HTC One A9, the newest phone from the Taiwanese phone maker best known for its aesthetics, is essentially an iPhone clone (pro GizChina readers might in fact call it a clone of something like a Ulefone Be Touch).

The One A9 looks a whole lot like the iPhone, complete with the rubber-metal painted stripes around the body. If you’ve ever wanted an iPhone running Android, you’re in luck!

There’s still hope, though; the One A9 is yet to go official from HTC, but from what it looks like, we’re looking at the real thing (i.e., the pictures you’re seeing here).

The One A9 looks to have a curved glass on top, and if that be the case with the final, retail version, take it from me that HTC’s going to bet big on it; after all, the marketing folks will need to have something to differentiate it from other (i)phones on the market.

It is disheartening, to say the least. HTC, with all the hoopla around industrial design and metal bodied phones, and of course, the classic One M7, were the least expected to put out something like this.

What sells is what wins, unfortunately.

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