Blackview BV5000 survives ultimate (?) torture test

Blackview have shown their rugged BV5000 phone take abuse in a number of scenarios, but this latest video shows the phone survive a multitude of abuse and still come back for more.

Blackview’s rugged phone is the BV5000, and the company are eager to prove that they have one of the toughest smartphones on the planet. The handset comes with a tough glass display, waterproof design and shockproof body.

The video above shows the phone perform the usual walnut smashing test, followed up with a bout of standing in for a chopping board before hammering a handful of nails in the a solid piece of wood.

Its a good proof that the phone can take a beating, but we are sure there are more exciting and strenuous ways of testing a rugged device to prove its worth. If you have any ideas how you would like to see Blackview test their BV5000 then why not share them with us in the comments below. The BV5000 is available to buy online here.

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