The Doogee Y100 Plus is designed with you in mind

What do you want in a smartphone? Eco-friendly materials that aren’t toxic to your skin and health? A brushed aluminum design? Your choice of build materials? Design is always a topic that is subjective to the individual, despite what any company says. Doogee says that its Y100 Plus is meant to be a device with a build quality that is designed with you in mind.

Y100 Plus 2.5D screen

We’ve already covered the aluminum alloy and brushed back cover of the Y100 Plus that gives a feel of design with care and meticulous attention, and we’ve covered the different back cover materials (water-ink white, space gray, sandstone black, etc.), but we haven’t covered the 2.5D glass or the rounded corners that are said to feel good in hand. “2.5D glass” is a term that sits between “2D” and “3D,” and the term does so for a reason: 2.5D glass gives the impression of a slightly curved display that creates a better visual and tactile experience on-screen. 2.5D gives better viewing angles so that you can see what’s on the screen without distracting angles disturbing you and your movie, TV show, or web browsing experience. Additionally, 2.5D glass is also useful for touches and swipes on-screen.

As for the design, Doogee has also made the Y100 Plus resistant to dirt and scratches, which is also an element designed for humans. After all, we use our devices on the go: at the beach, park, outdoors in our own backyard, on vacation, while out planting a garden, and so on. If life outdoors consists of elements beyond the home, why shouldn’t consumers have a device that, like humans, can resist the elements?

Doogee Y100 Plus brushed aluminum design

The rounded corners are another piece of the puzzle that creates a great feel in the hand. Doogee says that it took its inspiration for the Y100 Plus from the iPhone. From the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5s, for 4 years, Apple crafted the iPhone with a square frame – which seems to “cut the hand” at times depending on how you cradle it. With the iPhone 6, however, Apple crafted a round, metal frame, and Doogee’s own Y100 Plus, like the iPhone 6, crafts a round metal frame that keeps up with what the company believes is one of the best-designed smartphones on the market.

The Doogee Y100 Plus draws its inspiration from nature and humanity, bringing man into a peaceful, positive encounter with the elements and bringing the best of nature to humanity in a technological marvel that will be cradled for years to come. Nature itself, not just animals, can be man’s best friend.

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