Letv announces when its going to enter the Indian market

The first batch of Letv phones early this year was probably enough to tell that the company has some serious aspiration w.r.t. smartphones. The new Letv 1s only made it better… and worse, for buyers outside of China.

Unlike Xiaomi, Letv have been quick in showing their intent on going global. Almost every Chinese phone maker now also has local presence in India, and going by what they announced today, it’ll soon be joining the list.

Letv will be entering the Indian market by early 2016 according to company founder Jia Yueting.

Letv is currently riding high on the launch of its new products from a couple of days back, which included the aforementioned Letv 1s smartphone, a smart car, a 120-inch 3D 4K TV, and more.

Letv is first and foremost a content provider, so its not clear as to exactly what products will Letv bring to the Indian market when it does start its operations there. I think it’d be safe to assume the pilot plan would include a phone or two, and perhaps even a smart TV.

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