Ulefone Paris smartphone with flip cover and tempered glass screen protector for $149.99 now through November 15th

Ready for some sweet deals before the end-of-the-year sales get underway? Well, Ulefone is leading the way in what proves to be a great time of year to catch up on those items you’ve waited to buy all year long. The company’s latest involves a Ulefone Paris smartphone, flip cover, and tempered glass screen protector for $149.99, as opposed to the usual $169.99.

The Ulefone Paris flip cover costs $7.50 USD retail price, and the tempered glass screen protector costs $8.50 USD. Combined with the usual price of the Ulefone Paris, then, the total cost of the smartphone, flip cover, and tempered glass screen protector would be at least $186-$190 USD. When considered in this light, then, the $149.99 combo price knocks quite a bit off the top if you take advantage of it.

Just as a refresher, the Ulefone Paris features a 5-inch HD display with a 1280 x 720p screen resolution, a 64-bit, octa-core MediaTek MT6753 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM, a 5MP front camera, 13MP back camera, and a 2,250mAh battery with Android 5.1 Lollipop pre-installed.

Ulefone will sell the Ulefone Paris smartphone and accessories combo from now through November 15th, so you’ve got about two weeks to cash in on this deal. If you’re interested, you can visit Ulefone at the source link below.

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Ulefone Paris smartphone accessories combo Ulefone Paris smartphone accessories combo Ulefone Paris smartphone

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  1. derek connolly
    October 29, 2015

    Cool, just need $10 can buy 2 accessories, why not?

  2. October 29, 2015

    It never costed 169.99 and I think it will never cost, even now you can find it for 129.99 (pre-order price) so with all offered accessories you will pay 145.99 not 149.99. I’m disappointed about Ulefone marketing and working with retailers. They are week at this point.

    • Geek Tech
      October 29, 2015

      Errr, you sounds like a marketer in some company. Ye, Ulefone sucks in controling their retail partners when control the price. But as a consumer, i love that. 🙂

      • October 29, 2015

        I was working at a smartphone retail company (not even more), so I’m talking 50/50 as a marketer and consumer. I feel fulled when Ulefone announcing pre-sale price and after End date it’s still available to buy at that price, so even this 2nd fulled announcement is wrong when you can get all that bundle cheaper. At this moment they need stronger marketing specialist (how it looks when CEO sitting in Ulefone headquarter is using an iPhone?)

        • Suskind
          October 30, 2015

          Just thought ulefone Paris with a 2.5D glass?China’s brand should be used earlier 2.5D glass.

    • xumo lyus
      October 29, 2015

      wowowo, for us, i don’t care other, if have better price, i think is not bad things.

    • Suskind
      October 29, 2015

      Do you like the way the millet sales? Sell 120 in China, and then we need to spend 200 dollars.

    • Andrey
      October 29, 2015

      For me, it is quite simple. How much should it cost? If it costs that much, i’ll consider purchase, if not i don’t. And the price for Paris is as it should be.

  3. xumo lyus
    October 29, 2015

    http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_236820.html Tempered Glass Protector price is $8.45, http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_233025.html Protective Case price is $7.43, so i think everyone will buy $149.99 one

  4. Wall Will
    October 29, 2015

    I’ve bought it earlier for USD129.99. Now i need the accessories. Can some one by the 149.99 package and resell the accessories for me for USD10?

  5. martin95
    October 29, 2015

    I like the desgin, i don’t care look like iphone 6 or other. Because i don’t want buy a phone with $700, and Paris also is a great phone. Better specs, better price.

  6. EmperorProtects
    October 30, 2015

    I’ve used it for about 2 weeks. So far it is very smooth, very light and very small in hand. A good phone for use. Also beautiful.

  7. LuizGustavo
    October 30, 2015

    Please, when comes the golden version?

  8. Shostakovich
    October 30, 2015

    Anyone knows if there is promotion for the the accessories? I like the phone so much. I got it cheap and i also want to get the cover and glass cheap.

    • Skadoosh
      October 30, 2015

      What’s the point of the USD149.99 deal if they offer discounts for the acessories alone?

  9. King Leer
    October 30, 2015

    It’s a good phone, i’ll buy another for my grandmother-in-law.

  10. ljan ryan
    October 30, 2015

    Good design,Good performance,Good Screen. Complete Smartphone with low prize.

  11. trapchan
    October 31, 2015

    I was really excited to buy this, but then disappointed by the plastic material. I thought it was metal.