No.1 D3 smartwatch and phone cross over will cost only $22.99

no1 d3 wearable

No.1’s D3 wearable looks like and boasts features like most other budget wearables but this $22.99 smartwatch also packs a built-in call feature.

Generally smartwatches are only as smart as the phone they are connected too, meaning if you don’t sync your wearable with your phone via Bluetooth there isn’t a whole lot the watch can do.

So what about a wearable that doesn’t need a connected phone for some of its features? The No.1 D3 does all the usual activity and sleep tracking, and even comes with a pulse monitor, plus the $22.99 watch will even accept a SIM card for voice calls over GSM networks.

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This would mean that even without a connected phone the watch can still make and receive calls from the wrist. Admittedly a 3G or LTE connection might have been more useful, but for less that $25 I guess No.1 couldn’t stretch the budget.

The D3 comes with a 240 x 240 resolution display, 32MB RAM, 32MB Memory and there is space for a 16GB SD card also. The device is already up for pre-order and will come in blue, white, pink, green or black colour options.

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  1. Joel Adames
    November 1, 2015


    for some reason even when i like all kinds of technologies, i can’t yet se myself touting one of these against an actual automatic watch and i mean a real no battery no electronics watch. is just personal taste i guess. i ask myself how to make a call form it? do you get your wrist near your ear or do you use bluetooh earphones???

  2. Joel Adames
    November 1, 2015

    Hi Ying can you get a Bluboo Xtouch for a short review ??? i’m very interested

  3. androiDe
    November 2, 2015

    what is the best Chinese smartwatch with GPS, plz? thx

    • Marius Cirsta
      November 5, 2015

      I’ve been looking for one with a GPS but it seems they’re around $60 or something and with very limited functionality. The cheaper ones with GPS tracking are kids watches.
      At $60 I’m not sure it’s worth it because at $80 you can find some with Android ( 4.4 ) and GPS, wifi … on which you can use Android software.

  4. Roberto Tomás
    November 2, 2015

    thats awesome.. I’ve been shopping for these. to find one like this I am usually seeing prices over $45 on sale. But the strap is bad if it doesnt happen to fit perfectly, It is non-replacable, and it only has 1 heart rate sensor — 2 have become standard to get a good measurement: the combo probably makes the heart rate monitor iffy. On the plus side, it is hard to even find one that supports all the main features here plus FM radio, but it does. And it is so affordable it is almost worth it on a whim.

  5. Qidamin
    November 3, 2015

    On Chinese website the screen resolution is 128*128, on English website it is 240*240…so????