Oukitel K6000 charges 6000mAh battery in less than 2 hours

A growing trend this year has been the size of battery and speed of charging, two features Oukitel have tackled with great success on the Oukitel K6000.

Oukitel make a few ‘K’ series phone with large built-in batteries, and the K6000 is set to be the biggest of the bunch with a monster 6000mAh battery. 6000mAh is a big battery in anyones book and early this year that feature alone would have been enough to hit headlines around the web, now though there are plenty of phones with a similar size (or even larger battery) and manufacturers are pushed to bring some unique selling point to their phones, Oukitel have opted for charge time.

Using the fast charge technology that Mediatek has developed for their MTK powered phones, Oukitel have put together a 6000mAh phone that can be fully charged in only 1 hour and 55 minutes. Keep in mind that these results come from Oukitel’s own tests under the best conditions, but we don’t think there should be much deviation from what the end-user can expect.

Once charged Oukitel say the K600 will be good for 7 days of normal usage, and 10 days of use with power saving mode enabled! We would be interested to see if these figures are accurate once the phone goes on sale. For more details head over to the Oukitel website at the link below.

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