Elephone teaser points at a 4K product, any guess what it will be?

elephone 4k

4K video recording, 4K screens, 4K video out, there is a lot which 4K could relate to but what do Elephone mean by it?

When Elephone tease 4K we get to wondering what they might be hinting at. As the teaser image (above) doesn’t really give us much to go on we have to use our imaginations.

One possibility is that Elephone are teasing a new smartphone with 4K display. The Vowney will ship with a 2K screen option, and Vivo could release a 4K phone later this week. For Elephone to say that they have a 4K phone on the way also wouldn’t mean that they intend to launch it anytime soon (remember when the first Vowney leaks were released?).

Another 4K option would be a sports action camera. We have seen SJCAM with their 4K
sports cameras and this is a market that is seeing huge growth. Even experts at IFA told us they believed would continue well in to next year. However, most current Chinese 4K cameras only shoot video at 24fps or lower.

Our final thought is the possibility of a 4K Elephone TV. It’s not impossible to think that Elephone might build a 4K TV, but knowing the shipping and customs issues delivering such a large product would face, it seems unlikely.

What are your thoughts on Elephant’s 4K product?

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