Letv Le 1s pre-orders breach the 11 million mark!

Sure, the Letv Le 1s appears to be one of the most desirable phones around. But knowing that still isn’t enough to digest what unfolded in China just days after the phone was announced.

Letv have claimed that the Le 1s received more than 11 million pre-orders in a span of one week. Not just that, Letv also threw in some numbers that have got to do with the money: 12.1 billion Yuan (or $1.91 billion) is what the company has gathered from pre-orders, Letv claim!

Not just the Le 1s, but the uMax120 3D 4K TV that launched alongside the Le 1s seems to be doing very well also. The TV isn’t particularly cheap; it costs half a million Yuan to get one. Despite that, sales seen so far seem to have overwhelmed Letv.

“Sales target for uMax120 is 1 billion Yuan. However, the market reaction has outperformed expectations with sales of over 500 million Yuan in the 48 hours following the product’s launch. While initial market statistics show that the capacity in China for TVs over a 100 inches is only around 200 units, the uMax120 sales have exceeded the country’s market capacity. Among the 1128 preordered uMax120 customers, 10% are business clients, 65% are from apartment owners, while the remainder was pre-ordered by villa dwellers.” Letv founder Jia Yueting said.

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