Cube iWork 8 Ultimate now shipping for $98 (update)

1444956013807-P-3264485The Cube iWork 8 Ultimate, a sub-$100 tablet we talked about earlier, is now shipping for under $100.

If you don’t remember, the iWork 8 Ultimate has an 8-inch 1280 x 720p display and is powered by the Windows 10 OS. The internals of the iWork 8 Ultimate include an Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 processor running at 1.44GHz (up to 1.84GHz) along with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM.

Update: It has been learnt that the iWork 8 Ultimate will be $79.99 on November 11th, i.e., Singles’ Day and will go up by $5 each consecutive day till the 14th November.

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Besides that, the iWork 8 Ultimate has a 3300mAh battery and 2 mega-pixel cameras on the front and rear of the 8-inch device.


The iWork 8 Ultimate supports Bluetooth and WiFi, and along with that has an HDMI port and an OTG port. The iWork 8 Ultimate should be a device suited for people who’d like to get their work done on-the-go and on-the-cheap.

The tablet is now shipping to buyers across the world for $98 via reseller Everbuying. Anyone here planning to get one?

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  1. Tajwar
    November 9, 2015

    Anyone knows a good dual-boot 8.9″ tablet under €250?

  2. Marius Cirsta
    November 9, 2015

    I like this tablet but I couldn’t realy find any use for a tablet when I had one.

    • Stef
      November 10, 2015

      Primary use is reading, but -yeah- most people don’t read so it’s useless to most. Microsoft doubly doesn’t get it and tries to create “a small laptop” environment, which is clearly worse that working on a real laptop screen.

      So amidst Job’s post-PC propaganda, and Microsoft’s emulating-the-PC concept, people lost faith to it. Most of the people I know bought a tablet and never knew what to do with it.

      In reality it’s the most powerful computing device. Book sized (one of the possibly most ergonomic sizes for domestic use, in human history), it allows both for reading and taking notes (a tablet without a pen is mostly a big phone) *and* it doubles as a laptop when you attach a keyboard to it (for light work only!, that’s the other thing people don’t get, if you want serious work buy 13+ inches).

      To me it’s indispensable. I sometimes use my PC, but only when I want to use it’s grunt power, for everything else my tablet is more efficient. But -yeah- most people don’t know how to use it, it’s useless to them.

      • Marius Cirsta
        November 10, 2015

        For reading I have a Kindle and prefer it to a tablet. And for PC duties I prefer a real laptop, it just feels better than a tablet + keyboard and back in the day the only tablet OS was Android which is not very well suited for desktop use.

        • Stef
          November 10, 2015

          Well I had a kindle too, in fact it was the main argument that brought me to tablets (“they’re kindle+”). For example my first tablet had a high PPI exactly for this reason (low-res tablets are bad for reading).

          Android tablets (almost) always had a desktop environment too. I’m using Linux via chroot for almost 3 years now. To me Linux is more useful for the things that I’m going to do on the go and of course Microsoft came with the Surface pro line (so that to satisfy the Windows guys). So for small things I think a tablet + keyboard is enough.

          So -yeah- to me they’re the book-sized devices that are better readers than dedicated readers, and better laptops than netbooks.

          Of course laptops are better for serious work, but they’re bigger too, making them bad readers. So obviously tablets are not for everybody, but for those that they are/can be, nothing touches them.

          If it was not for Apple to make them weak (and then the rest to blindly follow them) I would expect them to be one of the primary, if not *the* primary way by which most people would interact with information.

  3. hans
    November 9, 2015

    at least double the battery size and it would be interesting