Bluboo U Watch images published, MIGHT have Android Wear and only cost $49.99

bluboo uwatch

Bluboo now have 2 wearables promised for launch later this year, the newest being the Bluboo Uwatch.

Not to be confused with the Ulefone Uwear, the Uwatch is a $49.99 wearable that will go on sale for $49.99 later this month. Bluboo say that the aim of the Uwatch is to launch a more fashionable device with thinner body than the previously announced Xwatch. With this in mind I have to admit that Bluboo’s idea of fashion is a little different from my own.

bluboo uwatch

So far Bluboo have only confirmed the price, the fact that it might have Android Wear running on it (but we doubt it) and that it will be available to buy sometime later this month.

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