Top 10 selling Chinese phones on Shop.GizChina.Com

Which smartphones are GizChina readers buying? We take a look at the top 10 best selling phone from Shop.GizChina.Com, are there any surprises?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that there have been 1000’s of new phones released in China this year, with phone makers launching one phone after the other to keep ahead of the competition. With all these phones on sale we wondered which device Shop.GizChina.Com customers are choosing, are there any surprises in the top 10? Does this list mirror what you are using yourself?

Top 10 selling Chinese phones on Shop.GizChina.Com

10. Meizu M2

meizu m2 review

The Meizu M2 is the most affordable Meizu on sale at this time, yet it still offers great build and decent hardware. One detail I do like about Meizu is that they offer the same features in Flyme from their flagship phones right down to their budget models. The M2 also gets the new physical home button feature too.

9. Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

xiaomi mi note

At number 9 in the sales chart is the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. The Pro version of the flagship Xiaomi gets the same slim, high-quality construction as the standard Mi Note but with updates including a 2K display, Snapdragon 810, and arguably the best update over the standard, 64GB internal Memory. You can read our standard Xiaomi Mi Note review here.

8. Xiaomi Mi4C

xiaomi mi4c review

Beating it’s more powerful and larger stable-mate, the Xiaomi Mi4C comes in at number 8, and to be honest I am not surprised this phone is proving so popular. Xiaomi basically took everything that made the Mi4i great, and removed everything that made is suck. The Mi4C has a wider angle, faster rear camera, built-in IR remote, innovative side touch navigation, and most importantly a Snapdragon 808 chipset that out performs the Mi4i’s SD615 in every respect. Read our Xiaomi Mi4C review here.

7. LeTV Le One 16GB

letv s1 review

The LeTV Le One was the first LeTV phone that I ever tried, and what a stunner it is. The 5.5-inch FHD phone might be a little chunky, but performance, build and overall usability is all top-notch. Even now with the release of the Le 1S the original LeTV Le One is a killer phone to own. Read our LeTV Le One Review here.

6. LeTV Le One Pro

letv s1 pro

I’ve still not had my hands on this Pro version of the LeTV Le One Pro, but hardware and design is stellar on paper. It also didn’t hurt that the LeTV Le One Pro had a significant price drop increasing interest in the all alloy, 2K, Snapdragon 810 flagship.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime

xiaomi redmi note 2 review

The top of the range version of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has a slightly faster Mediatek Helio X10 chipset and a larger internal memory of 32GB. Despite these slight updates the Prime isn’t as popular with buyers as the standard version.

4. LeTV Le One 32GB

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letv s1 review

With no space for a micro SD card, many people wanting the Le One have opted for the larger capacity 32GB version, and during sales the pricing for the Helio X10 mid-ranger has been great.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 16GB

xiaomi redmi note 2 review

Even though the Redmi Note 2 Prime offers a slightly more powerful CPU and more internal memory the standard version has been the more popular choice. In our Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 review, we found performance was fine on the 2.0Ghz chipset, and the fact that the phone has micro SD support means the extra internal memory of the Prime is a moot point.

2. ZUK Z1 International version

zuk z1 review

We quite like the ZUK Z1, it might look a little bland in its white finish, but the grey version is quite attractive. It also boasts a huge battery for amazing battery life, fingerprint scanner, Cyanogen OS and powerful hardware. We reviewed the ZUK Z1 here, but it is still surprising to see the newcomer in 2nd place!

1. OnePlus 2 64GB

oneplus 2 review

It might not have caused as much of a fuss as the original OnePlus 1, but the OnePlus 2 has proven to be the best-selling phone on Shop.GizChina.Com so far. Even if you are not a fan of the OnePlus marketing machine it is hard not to admit they made a good phone. The OnePlus 2 offers great hardware, amazing build, and an incredible camera. You can read our OnePlus 2 review here.

From this list it is interesting to see that LeTV have done so well considering that this is their first year as a smartphone maker. ZUK are also a surprise, considering that many commenters haven’t really been too impressed with the start-up’s first phone. The OnePlus 2 in first place might not be a shock to many, and I wonder if it will sit so highly now that the OnePlus X has been launched, so far I feel the more affordable phone offers many of the benefits of the flagship but in a more useable size. On the flip side, it is a shock that Meizu only have 1 phone in the top 10. The phone maker has launched many phones this year, but perhaps this tactic isn’t working out so well for them.

Are there any surprises here that you have noted? Do you use any of the above phones? Is one of our top 10 the next phone you will buy?

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