Meizu sit at the top of Singles Day sales thanks to cut down pricing

meizu meilan metal

While ZUK and Xiaomi announce amazing sales, it is Meizu that are sitting pretty at the top of overall sales so far.

Meizu are currently sitting at the number 1 sport for units sold during the Singles Day sales. The current top 5 standings are Oppo in 5th spot, Qiku in 4th, Xiaomi 3rd, Huawei 2nd and Meizu at number 1.

Of the brands in the sales, Meizu do have a lot of discounts available. The M2 range now starts at 599 Yuan, while other phones have also had a significant price cut. Both the Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro are priced at 1299 Yuan, there is a 100 Yuan saving on the Meizu MX5 and the 1099 Yuan Meizu Metal is making up a large part of online sales for the phone maker.


We are surprised to see Meizu in the top spot, but we are more surprised that LeTV are not featured in the top 5. Which Chinese phone makers do you expect to perform the best during Singles Day?

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