The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 manages 85k+ points on AnTuTu

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 manages 85k+ points on AnTuTu


We here at GizChina don’t really see synthetic benchmarks as the most important thing about a device, but certainly understand that there are readers and potential buyers that care about how much a device scores on these benchmarking apps.

AnTuTu happens to be a favourite among the plethora of benchmarking apps at your disposal today… and the newly launched Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 shreds through it does pretty well at it.

The Mi Pad 2 is only the second table from young Xiaomi, which was launched alongside the Redmi Note 3 a week back. The Mi Pad 2 runs an Intel SoC, a first for Xiaomi. What is also a first for the company is the Windows support that the tablet boasts.

Coming back to synthetic benchmarks, the Mi Pad 2 managed a heavy 85,101 point on AnTuTu which should give you an idea about the device’s processing prowess.

Does this change how you look at the Mi Pad 2? Many dismissed the device as an underpowered one at launch.

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  • alexeche

    idk man what is even the different from the mipad 2 and the mipad 1? except the option to run win10 on the 64gb? 🙂

    • alexeche

      Oh and btw is it possible to run win10 on mipad 1 64gb? 🙂

      • Colin

        No, as it is an Nvidia ARM based SOC, whereas this is Intel. Intel chips are needed for the full/main version of Windows. It’s not so much about the power, but the architecture.

    • balcobomber25

      The main difference is the Intel chip, which is needed to run Windows, the all metal build and USB type C.

      • alexeche

        Ah but i am going to buy it for the MiUi anyways. Think im just gonna get the 1 with the nvidia i heard good about it = )

        • balcobomber25

          Yea the 1 is a very good tablet. I have been considering the 1 for a while, the only reason I might get this one instead is the metal build. I prefer MiUI as well.

        • What tablet is that?

  • Huawei Mate 8 92k?

  • MaxPower

    man, i had no idea that SoC belonged to that league!
    they should sell this in the west with dual boot and they will sell like crazy.

    • balcobomber25

      Most people don’t realize that SoC has performance better than a SD810, the only downside is the GPU is roughly equivalent to the Adreno 330. That is still good enough for 99% of the apps in the play store, but the most demanding games won’t play on max settings.

      • Stef

        Frankly SD801 is better than SD810 in sustained performance. It’s not as if SD810 is some performance champ, at least as far as sustained performance goes.

        Having said that Mipad2 would feel similar performance wise to Mipad1 in everything except games (there it would actually be slower).

        Mipad 2 is Xiaomi’s attempt to cut costs (as evidenced by 2GB of ram) and sell with some fat margins.

        • balcobomber25

          Most chips are better than SD810 because it throttles and overheats which kills performance, but if it didn’t throttle it would have speed that matches this Intel chip which is what my comment was referring to, the theoretical speed of the 810.

          I am not sure how much they actually cut costs, a lot more goes into the costs than just RAM. A metal build is more expensive than a plastic one, type C is more expensive than standard USB. I am willing to bit the BOM is about the same between the two.

          • Stef

            Yeah my point is that Qualcomm f’d up majorly with SD810 so it’s not some kind of performance champ. But yes you’re right , if it was not for throttling SD810 would be just a little less fast than Exynos 7420 (the current performance champ in androids), which is not too bad.

            As for cherry trail I would say that it is somewhere between SD801 and SD805. Its CPU is like SD805 but its GPU is like SD801. Which is why I said that Mipad2 would be a downgrade to gamers (but an upgrade to some other folk).

            I would expect the bom to be probably lower than Mipad1 because one major component of it (the SoC) is basically given away through Intel’s “contra-revenue” program. So even though at first glance it seems more expensive to make, it’s probably cheaper to Xiaomi.

            All in all depending the kind of user “you” are it’s probably not that of an upgrade (despite the name). Very similarly spec’d tablets can be had for half the price by cheap brands like Teclast and Chuwi (of course the build quality would be lesser but on the upside it would run close to AOSP build so it won’t be choked Ram wise)…

  • RetroAndroid

    It is fake, here you have the real antutu score 50500

    • trolleyfan

      It’s not fake, just different Antutu versions.

      • RetroAndroid

        Yes, I know, but it is not useful for comparing devices. It is a cheat antutu.

        • balcobomber25

          Antutu itself is usless for determining actual performance, all it gives you is a number to compare with other numbers.

        • Roberto Tomás

          it is the v6.0 BETA, it isn’t really a cheat. I agree it is not comparable with scores from older versions of Antutu.

          the score you posted is interesting, thank you for that. one of the things they are changing with antutu v6 is to heavily favor single core performance, thus the huge jump for the intel system here. by comparison, the exynos 7420 jumped to 83k .. roughly 15% (compared to intel’s ~60% jump), showing just how ridiculously heavy they weighted single core performance. antutu might no longer be a fair benchmark with version 6.0

    • Chico Migraña

      Just look what happeened with iPad air 2

      • Chico Migraña

        We can say Mi pad 1 beat This new one :s

  • Manjurul Islam

    Can anyone explain me about one shitty move Xiaomi made – why 2GB ram only? How will they perform on Windows 10 with only 2GB ram? And does it support SIM for data connectivity?

    • balcobomber25

      I’ve been running Windows 10 on two devices, an old laptop with 2 GB RAM and a Lumia 640 (work phone) with 1 GB of RAM. Neither has any issues. More RAM would be better but you won’t be severely bottle-necked with only 2.

      • Manjurul Islam

        But 2GB in late 2015!! They put 3gb on redmi note 3, and much before too, on mi4c. BTW your lumia doesn’t run Windows 10 desktop version. I feel by the end of 2016, this tab will be obsolete, maybe.

        • balcobomber25

          No it runs Windows 10 mobile but they are very similar in design as MSoft is moving to a unified platform. It shares most of the same architecture with desktop Windows.

          You do realize that most people who buy this will buy it for MiUI? By the end of 2016 they will probably release a “Pro” version with more RAM and maybe LTE, but this version will still be selling like hot cakes a year from now.

          • Manjurul Islam

            Yeah I know about Xiaomi and its customers base. They will purchase it anyway. Even I want to opt for it, trade-in for my nexus 7 2013. But I find my nexus to struggle with 2GB ram, so I am rather confused. The price seems lucrative anyway, specially the 64GB one, even reseller price looks too good.

            • balcobomber25

              It really depends on the user, I have a Nexus 7 2012 with 1GB RAM, and it handles most of what I need but is starting to struggle. I mainly use my tablet for the basics tho: movies, music, internet, Skype and some light gaming.

              The major difference between this and your tablet is the processor. The Nexus 7 2013 uses an S4 Pro which is ancient in terms of SoC’s. This will be much faster due to the processor.

      • Marius Cirsta

        Just open a couple of Chrome tabs and you’ll see just how little RAM you really have, lol.
        Other browsers probably have this high RAM usage but I think Chrome is the champ here.

        • balcobomber25

          I don’t use Chrome it’s a resource hog, I wouldn’t even use it on a phone with 16GB RAM.

  • QwE43

  • Roberto Tomás

    Some back story for people who don’t know — in Chinese media they have already started using the antutu v6 beta. on cnBeta a week or so ago there was a story about that. Every time antutu’s major version number changes the linear scaling also changes, often leading to huge jumps. The note 5 jumped up to about 83k with the new version, for example. This means that scores from previous versions of antutu are not comparable with scores of later versions of antutu.

    the changes specifically for antutu v6 were to count single core performance much higher and multi core performance much lower in the total score — so intel and apple chips (were they tested with it) should score much higher than they do naturally. Not everyone is on board with this change, but since it is a US company and US companies are going for low core count powerful cores, it is going to go that way whether it reflects real world performance or not.

  • highwind

    X98 Pro > MiPad 2

    • David Košič

      As long as it doesn’t fry your fingers.

      • MinusPlusDivide

        It’s not gonna fry your finger. It is one of the best windows tablet other than Microsoft’s surface.

  • Ulti

    Just over 10% more performance than the MiPad 1 if we are looking at numbers.

    The new Antutu 3D demo actually looks pretty nice.

    On my MiPad 1 I got:

    74,940 overall

    3D: 30,176
    3D [Garden] 9669
    3D [Marooned] 20507

    UX: 16,602
    UX Data Secure 4245
    UX Data process 2086
    UX Strategy games 3905
    UX Image process 3100
    UX I/O performance 3266

    CPU: 23,740
    CPU Mathematics 5458
    CPU Common Use 7709
    CPU Multi-Core 10573

    RAM: 4,422

    Seems to be the biggest difference in the UX which I’m guessing is probably to do with faster storage – a bit like the iPhone 6S having much a much faster unique custom flash storage solution based on the NVMe SSD standard.

    There is actually not much difference between CPU here, effectively the same and GPU only around 10% better on the former version which I doubt will be noticeable. Again this is only going by Antutu numbers though, real world performance will most likely be different if the Intel’s GPU is only as strong as the Adreno 330 as the Tegra K1 is meant to be up to 2.5x faster than the Adreno 330 for graphics.