The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 manages 85k+ points on AnTuTu

We here at GizChina don’t really see synthetic benchmarks as the most important thing about a device, but certainly understand that there are readers and potential buyers that care about how much a device scores on these benchmarking apps.

AnTuTu happens to be a favourite among the plethora of benchmarking apps at your disposal today… and the newly launched Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 shreds through it does pretty well at it.

The Mi Pad 2 is only the second table from young Xiaomi, which was launched alongside the Redmi Note 3 a week back. The Mi Pad 2 runs an Intel SoC, a first for Xiaomi. What is also a first for the company is the Windows support that the tablet boasts.

Coming back to synthetic benchmarks, the Mi Pad 2 managed a heavy 85,101 point on AnTuTu which should give you an idea about the device’s processing prowess.

Does this change how you look at the Mi Pad 2? Many dismissed the device as an underpowered one at launch.

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