OnePlus now makes sandstone cases for the iPhone 6s

oneplus iphone case

OnePlus are not one to follow convention, so the news that they company are now making cases for the iPhone 6s comes as no surprise.

The Sandstone iPhone 6S cases are designed to slip on to the back of an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 and bring the signature sandstone finish of flagship OnePlus phones to Apple’s.

So why are OnePlus doing this? Well it is quite obviously another way to grab attention in the headlines, what other phone maker makes cases for rival brands? It’s also another hint that OnePlus see themselves as an Apple iPhone alternative.

There is also the fact that there are plenty of Android phone owners who would love to troll their iPhone using friends with a case that, in effect, makes the iPhone look like a flagship OnePlus phone.

If you feel like splashing out on the sandstone OnePlus Case for the iPhone 6s then pricing is $19.99 and you don’t need an invite to buy them.

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