Zeblaze tease upcoming Cosmo smartwatch

Zeblaze Cosmo

Zeblaze, the makers of Wicked Leaks smartwatch, are releasing a new device of their own named the Zeblaze Cosmo and have teased an image of it already.

Zeblaze have made a couple of smartwatches this year, the Rover being their first and the Crystal their most recent. With 2 watches already on the market the company must already know a thing or two about smartwatch design which means their 3rd device should be the best yet.

At this moment Zeblaze are simply building interest in the Zeblaze Cosmo watch, so full details haven’t been divulged, but there is already a little information. Sources who have tried the wearable say the Cosmo has a curved display but with a better viewing angle than the current Crystal wearable. They also tell us the watch as a ‘classic’ watch design.

Pricing should be keen and the wearable will be released at the end of this month. Keep your eyes peeled for more details.

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