Hesvit Band S3 on a ‘flash sale’ this season

The Hesvit Band S3 is a new wearable from a new Chinese company that promises a lot. One gripe that GizChina readers had when we first wrote about the wearable was that it was too expensive.

If that was the reason behind you holding back, there could be some good news… keep reading.

The makers of the Hesvit Band S3 just got in touch with us to inform that the wearable is going to have a bit of a flash sale of its own. What this also means is that the price will go down by $20 to $79.99 during this period.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.04.42 AM_result

You may want to quickly go through our initial piece about this new device (click here). The S3 combines quite a few features, and I’m sure if the quality is done right people will buy the device despite how much ever it costs.

In related news, we recently published a review of the Lembird Free O2 smartwatch that you can check out here.

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