The Hesvitband S3 wants to be your one-stop fitness tracker wearable

While the Mi Band Pulse 1s is the newest rage in the Chinese wearable market, another brand thinks it has a rival product going for it.

The new device — the Hesvitband S3 — seems like a more ‘sophisticated’ version of the Mi Band Pulse 1s. That’s at least how the company wants to put it forth to buyers.

The band has a load of sensors, including a heart rate sensor, skin temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor (barometer) and more. The Hesvitband S3 connects to your phone via Bluetooth and measures your activity in various different units. It works with both Android and iOS devices.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.04.14 AM_result

The band will also monitor your sleep and the number of steps you take, the total distance you walk/run, and more. Hesvit also claim that there are ‘over a hundred patents pending’ for the device, which is quite a claim, especially for a Chinese OEM.

The band definitely looks promising, but a lot will depend on how the app is implemented. As for the price, the Hesvitband S3 is $99.99 but will be $9.99 on Black Friday. It’ll be $39.99 before going back up to the original price after that, and will be available via the usual resellers in Geekbuying, Coolicool, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.04.42 AM_result

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