Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse 1s unboxing and first impressions

Xiaomi’s first-gen Mi Band was according to me, and many others, the best piece of wearable kit in the market for a long, long time. The Chinese company followed it up with the new Mi Band Pulse 1s, which while remaining affordable, adds some new features.

Most notable is the addition of a heart-rate sensor. There are other differences as well, more about which you can read here.

I got the Mi Band Pulse 1s last night, and right away slapped it on to my wrist. It is as discreet as the first-gen Mi Band, and you will, for a large part, be oblivious to the presence of the wearable band around your wrist.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse 1s Unboxing Video

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse 1s First Impressions

12232882_10153781570592460_2023488007545582728_oWith only a day spent with the Mi Band Pulse 1s, I’m not exactly in a position to give you a full review, so here are my first impressions.

As mentioned, the band is extremely comfortable to wear. This is thanks to the weight kept to a minimum, and the soft rubber strap that’ll hardly come in your way, if ever.

I did a lot of walking today — 7.5 kilometres or 4.66 miles — which the band seems to have logged pretty accurately. I also made it a point to make a note of the times when I went to bed last night and woke up today morning. The Mi Band Pulse 1s was, like its first-gen sibling, incredibly accurate.

The brains of the band had around 60% juice when I took it out of the box, which should be good for over a couple of weeks of usage.

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That’s about it for the first impressions of the Mi Band Pulse 1s. Not too much info here I know, but this is what I could gather from a day with the device.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And should you want to get an Mi Band Pulse 1s for yourselves, head over to TinyDeal.

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