Ulefone BeTouch 3 gets its first OTA update

ulefone be touch 3

Ulefone have been on top of their Android updates for the past few months now, and have even released an OTA for their newly launched Ulefone BeTouch 3.

Customers who already managed to get their hands on the Ulefone BeTouch 3 quickly discovered that the camera produces reddish images when the rear flash is used. It’s annoying issue especially on a brand new phone, so its good to see an update has been released to solve the issue.

Update number 20151208 promises to fix the camera issues, and also brings new icons to the ROM for the pre-installed applications.

The Be Touch 3 uses most of the same hardware as the previous Be Touch and Be Touch 2 models but gets an updated 4th generation fingerprint scanner, the price is $149.99.

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