Elephone publish list of phones that will get Android 6.0

What you have to give Elephone is the fact that the company is full of ambitions and experimentation, even if it doesn’t turn out right each time.

The Chinese phone maker has now published a list of phones which will get Android 6.0.

This includes devices that will ship with Marshmallow… keep reading for the list.


Elephone have a lot of devices in the market, more than I can remember. But the list of phones that will get Android 6.0 isn’t too hard to remember. Here goes:

  • Elephone Trunk
  • P6000
  • P9000*
  • P9000C*
  • P9000 Lite*
  • Ivory
  • M3

Devices marked with a * will come pre-installed with Android 6.0 in January 2016. The Trunk will get it this month, whereas an ETA for the remaining devices was not provided.

Elephone also say that more devices will be added to this list soon.

A few of Elephone’s phones have turned out to be really impressive devices, including the P6000, and up to an extent, the P8000.

Continual software updates will ensure Elephone stay in the market. After all, almost everyone’s making powerful phones these days but hardly anyone’s backing it up with good software.

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