Is this mystery phone the OnePlus 2 mini?

oneplus x launch

Around the time of the OnePlus X, and before the mid ranger was made public, there were rumours of a OnePlus 2 mini. Could these GFXBench detail point to the existence of the device?

Generally when a phone maker says it is going to produce a mini version of its flagship we are left disappointed. To most manufacturers a ‘mini’ phone doesn’t just mean reducing the size of the body and screen, but also lowering the hardware specs to slash the price further still.

OnePlus 2 Mini

oneplus 2 mini gfxbench

OnePlus might be planning something different as GFXBench benchmarks point at a smaller OnePlus phone with similar hardware as the full size OnePlus 2 include a Snapdragon 810 chipset and 4GB RAM.

oneplus 2 mini gfxbench

According to other details revealed by the benchmarks the mystery OnePlus will have a FHD 1920 x 1080 display measuring 4.6-inches, however we believe it will be more like 5-inches. The camera specs should also follow the OV 13 mega-pixel sensor from the OP2.

So is this a phone that OnePlus are likely to launch, or is this just a test device? Would a smaller flagship spec phone from OnePlus be something that you would want to see?

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